Bullying and Empowerment

Overview: Bullying has become a life and death issue. Thousands of children go to school everyday filled with FEAR. Breaking the cycle of violence involves more than identifying and stopping the bully. It requires that we examine how a child becomes a bully, or a target of a bully. It involves our schools establishing a stringent set of policies, which spell out SPECIFICALLY, how bullies (and bullying) will be handled.

Focus: Teachers, Parents and Administrators


Teens and College Transitions

Overview: High school students require VALIDATION on their career choices. Many have NEVER thought about it. Thousands enter college unknowingly. What do they want to be? Unless they're validated on their innate gifts, they flounder.

Focus: High school students, Parents 

Cracking The "Boy Code"

Overview: The "Boy Code" is a set of archaic rules that favor male indifference. It's geared to make boys  feel ashamed of expressing weakness and vulnerability. This set of rules oppresses their spirits. It leads  to isolation, depression and despair. Unless this code is addressed, boys continue to flounder in their identity.

Focus: Parents