About Me



As a “Life Coach,” it is my intention to provide a safe space for clients to seek my guidance in identifying strategies towards their life’s journey. As a young boy I was never validated or acknowledged by my parents or teachers. I was a victim of bullying with no voice to express my circumstances and my emotions. My goal is to help others “Find Their Voice.” This led me to write my book “The Bully Project” which I authored, published and taught to students at various age levels.

Thirty five years of effective communication skills, exposure to international travel, and life experiences afforded me with perspective. I learned the leverage of my voice, and believe it is important to impart my knowledge to empower and transform your life. My theme for each session is “Just 5 Seconds to Make a Difference”!

"We ALL Belong In The SPOTLIGHT!" 

I would be honored to help you achieve that. 

Bob Roza, M.A., M.S., Life Coach

My Experience

"With Bob-time coaching, we cut to the chase. We don't waste your time because we know that you're important. You are destined for greatness. We help you get there!"

 Welcome,  by Bob Roza, M.S., M.A., Life Coach

  • Over 30 years in administration, education and communication
  • Graduate of Marquette University (Milwaukee) and Saint Xavier University (Chicago)
  • Former Adjunct Professor at Saint Xavier University and Daley College
  • Noted Author and Publisher

What I bring:

  • A Spiritual Background and Focus
  • EMPOWERMENT Thinking
  • Specialization with Bullying Workshops
  • Assist Students with Goal Setting for College
  • Time Management Skills
  • Proven Techniques that Captivate, Motivate, and Inspire Creativity
  • Solid Organization
  • Positive, "Zippy," Energy
  • Empathy to Your Life Situation(s)
  • Goal Setting Strategies
  • Attention to Detail and YOUR Personal Development
  • Experience with Children and Adults